Similar to plaster in many aspects, Stucco has become an increasingly popular choice in exterior siding for Jacksonville, Florida homes. Typically made out of cement, hydrated lime, sand, and water; stucco can be applied to the frame of your home while still wet to form a strong, durable exterior wall for your building. Due to the long lasting nature of stucco, it is a great choice for Jacksonville, Florida residents that want a low maintenance alternative to many of the other options available for exterior wall materials. As a premier stucco contractor local to the Jacksonville, Florida area, our dedicated team can help transform your home with stucco.

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If you are interested in considering stucco for your home’s exterior walls, there are many benefits Jacksonville, Florida residents can take advantage of. One of the best reasons why stucco is an excellent choice for your home is because of its extremely durable nature. Depending on the weather conditions that we experience, some stucco homes can last as long as 100 years. Since stucco is resistant to mold, fire, rotting, and termites; it is a great material to handle all of the intense storms that Jacksonville has during hurricane season.

Another great advantage of using stucco Jacksonville FL residents can take advantage of is its long lasting color retention. Since pigments are typically blended into the stucco itself when it is installed onto your home, there is no need to continually paint your home every couple years. Painting the exterior of your home can get expensive fast, especially since the weather in Jacksonville can be intense at times. Not having to paint can save you a lot of money in the long run, and keep your home looking great for many years to come.

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Lastly if you decide that stucco is right for your Jacksonville home, you can take advantage of stucco’s great sound resistant properties. If you think back to your first apartment, odds are likely that you might have been able to hear your neighbors through the wall. Not only does this take away your privacy, but can make sleeping and spending time in your home a constant annoyance. If you live by a busy road, stucco also can keep the noise to a minimum outside so that you can enjoy spending time in your home in peace. There’s nothing like the experience of peace and quiet in your own home!

While there are many other benefits of installing stucco for your exterior walls; the advantages are clear when deciding what material to choose for the exterior of your home. Using our friendly and talented stucco contractors Jacksonville FL residents can have a home that looks great and is built to last. Our stucco contractors will treat your home as it was our own and make sure that the job is done right the first time around. If you are interested in scheduling your stucco installation, give us a call today! We look forward to handling all of your stucco needs.